NO therapy

Technology on the basis of air plasma and exogenous nitrogen oxide.

PLASON is a medical device for the exogenous preparation of nitric oxide (NO). Application of exogenous NO (NO therapy) by various pathologies (wounds, trophic ulcers, diabetic foot, unhealing wounds, pyo-necrotic wounds) is the way to make healing easy. Nitric oxide disinfects open wounds from bacteria, viruses, mould. This way it starts the regeneration of tissue. NO is the strongest disinficator.

An important feature of NO-containing gas flow is the fact, that if it is possible to introduce exogenous NO to the desired spot of the human body, it shows the same properties as endogenous NO, which makes it´s usage very flexible for various pathologies.

NO Therapy can be used for treatment of:

  • Non-healing wounds

  • Diabetic foot syndrome

  • Inflammations

  • Trophic ulcers

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Eczemas and skin diseases

  • Herpes simplex sores

  • Infected wounds, even Staphylococcus Aureus

  • Burns, pyonecrotic wounds

Effects of NO therapy by PLASON device

Effects of Exogenous NO (generated by Plason)

  • Restored circulation

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • General, anti-microbial effect

  • Nerve regeneration

  • Peripheral stem cell migration, differentiation, and tissue regeneration